My husband and I have this inside joke about my dog, Hobbes.  When you scratch near his tail, he wiggles his butt.  So, my husband made up this song called, “Hobbes with the wiggle butt wiggle wiggle butt.” Then we started adding butt to the end of everyone’s name. When I decided to pursue photography, I needed a name for instagram.  I decided to go with theanxiousbutt, because I’m pretty open about being anxious and I am a butt.


I’ve been taking photos off and on for about 10 years, but I got serious about it when a close friend died unexpectedly in August 2015.  He was a great photographer and super talented and his death tore me up hard.  I needed something to do for him. I started taking photos with my smart phone everyday.  I upgraded to a Lumix (courtesy of my sister) in 2016.

I got married in 2017 and my husband’s career (hoorah marine corps) is taking me away from my current job and so I’ve been pursuing my photography (as an art form – I’m not sure about having a business yet). So, here I am. My portfolio of people doing people stuff is here. You can find me on facebook and instagram under the handle @theanxiousbutt.



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