The bridge

There was a bridge. During the winter, I would fight my way across it. The wind often whispered that it would be easier. That I would be free.

There was a bridge. Sometimes I’d cry while I crossed it. I was trying to fight. But, I wasn’t sure why anymore.

There was a bridge. I’d almost look forward to crossing it. As if it gave me permission to let my thoughts go to the dark places that everyone told me just to avoid.

There was a bridge. And, maybe it’s crazy that I still think about it six years later.

There was a bridge. I think about it everytime the little life I build comes tumbling down.

There was a bridge. I think about the steps it takes to cross it. The water below it. The cars passing by. The horizon.

There was a bridge. Like a ladder to all my bad thoughts. The ones we are ashamed to have.

There was a bridge. I come here often to watch the pain replay like a shitty home movie with pictures I can’t delete from my mind.

There was a bridge and I feel like I will never make it off.


2 thoughts on “The bridge

  1. But you will and it will lead to something new and good:-)


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