Saving a latte.

I sucked down a large iced vanilla coconut latte at 7:00 am and now I’m more awake than I’ve been in the last 4 days.  **Magical**

Yesterday sucked a little because I didn’t get a job I recently applied for.  Granted, I wasn’t really all that excited about the pay – it was more to have somewhere to go.  But, I still have my two other jobs (one which currently entails watching 7 (no, really 7) dogs.  So, I am trying to remain positive during this strange period of my life.

I don’t know about you, but I cruise The Penny Hoarder on the regular for ideas on how to save money or make money.  I’ve tried out some of their tactics and have seen some good results.  Although I have learned that sometimes, the juice is not worth the squeeze.  Here’s what I like to use to save money:

  1. Ebates – Over the last year I’ve saved approximately $84 with ebates. It’s typically most useful when either shopping online OR for travel reservations.  I’d say more so for travel reservations.  You just login, click the company you want to use (like Travelocity) and you save a percentage of money.  They distribute the money quarterly, I think.  Usually I get between $20 – $30.
  2. Ibotta – I find ibotta most useful for grocery shopping although you have to be careful that you are actually saving money on some products.  But even if you aren’t into buying name brand material sometimes they have rebates just for shopping (usually only $.25) or for produce ($.50 off of one sweet potato is pretty much an almost free sweet potato). It’s also useful if target has one of those “get a $5 gift card when you spend $20 on beauty” and then I buy beauty products that have coupons (like hair dye) – ultimately I end up saving like $12. I’ve made about $53 back and $20 in the last month (because now I’m back in the US of A).  You have to save $20 before you can withdraw though.
  3. Amazon Prime Credit Card – Signing up for this credit card was pretty much the greatest idea.  You earn 5% back on your purchases and you can use it to pay for purchases, although it doesn’t tell me how much I’ve saved since I got the card.  I know I had enough to get a $26 shirt for free. Also, amazon prime is like my favourite thing.
  4. – In the past two months, I’ve made $540 ish on Rover which now that I’ve added it up sounds pretty good.  Hanging out with dogs is pretty cool but you have to be sure that the amount of gas you are using doesn’t cost more than what you are being paid.  There are a few apps to help with that like Stride or Quickbooks. That and tweaking your prices.  It might sound great to have discount prices to get more clients, but it just ends up being more work for less money.  The hanging out with dogs is pretty cool, but I do get anxiety about texting the owners about their dogs.  When do I text? How much do I text? How many pictures do I send?
  5. Betterment – I am big on investing and betterment has a pretty good program if you are into automated investing (that’s also smart – so if there isn’t a certain amount of money in your checking account it won’t do the automated withdraws).
  6. Thredup – The thing with thredup is that there’s less work but also less money.  I think they’ve given me about $20 that I can use on thredup which is just a nice to have.  If I was more committed to the process, I would probably use a different service.

I think that about covers the stuff I’ve been doing to keep my finances busy while I’m not as busy. I haven’t exactly got the hang of selling stock photos yet, but I might try to re-focus on it in the future.



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