A little bit of word vomit with your morning coffee

Wait, what?

I’ve been ruminating on several things, but with not enough commitment to actually write good individual posts.  Mostly because I do a lot of my thinking when I can’t sleep at night because my dog takes up the ENTIRE BED like he’s a human and I’m having a bit of restless leg syndrome as of late (also, the last two nights my husband has been snoring a bit more…).


So, this morning I turned on my meditation music in an effort to write.  Yes, I listen to meditation music on youtube.  Wordless music is fairly helpful when trying to write apparently (I wrote an article yesterday about remote work and one of the tips was music).  I have actually had trouble concentrating recently probably because I don’t actually want to do some of the things I need to do.  I guess when I boil it down I don’t have that much work to do. I just need to remind myself that it’s the kind of work that times time and can’t be done in a day. But, that’s not the point of this word vomit.

Word Vomit List/Things that are kind of cool

  1. We got our instant pot back this week.  It’s been a long two months without the best appliance ever.  Seriously, if you don’t have an instant pot – you need to get one (I apologise in advance for not writing this post before prime day).  I consider my instant pot the third person in my marriage.  My husband has the metabolism of a 10 year old boy and the hunger level of at least three people and it makes cooking so much less daunting.  I like cooking sometimes, but there are a lot of days where I’d be fine having an egg sandwich.  I made barbecue pulled pork with a 4 pound pork shoulder in 1 hour and yesterday I made Sunday sauce in 25 minutes. I know I sound like an advertisement, but I swear to little baby Jesus that no one is paying me for this and I really just love our instant pot.  Actually, we both it.  My husband has a deep affection for this appliance and I think when I made the pulled pork after 60 days of no instant pot we both liked each other a lot more. Instant pot: food appliance and love doctor.
  2.  My sister is coming in the next few weeks and she’s staying at the beach (also we are going skydiving (I typed skydying)).  Well, one of the many beaches near within 60 minutes of my house.  As such, I decided I needed a new swimsuit.  I’m sure many of you feel the same agony I feel about swimsuits.  Maybe you don’t – which is cool. But, swimsuits historically make me feel violently uncomfortable because they are generally uncomfortable unless you are a certain body type. And even if you are are certain body type, sometimes they are still no fun.  So one night, I googled swimsuits for everyone and one of the search results was Swimsuits for all. The great thing about this company (other than Ashley Graham who is my favourite model ever) is they have all different kinds of women modelling swim suits and they have tons of different opens.  They are a bit pricer, but when I received my swimsuit – I actually felt good.  This “good” feeling is generally foreign to me in reference to a swimsuit.  Now, ignore my glaring tan lines and the poor picture quality and look at this:

Cute, right?? They have tons of different swimsuits that feel good and look good. Like, guys, I can’t even right now. I almost want to buy another, but I will resist.

3. I’ve been cooling it on the whole trying to make photography work as a business lately – I’ve just been going out and taking pictures because I like it.  I’m trying to feel good about that. I’m actually sorting through a lot of feelings about employment and self-worth.  I keep forgetting that I do actually have part time work (remote editing work & dog sitting), but I don’t go to a place everyday and I do miss going to work at my old job.  I don’t miss all the internal drama and strife, but I do miss the purpose sometimes.  It does call into question my internal definition of success and how much weight I put into other people’s perception of my life.  At the end of the day, I’m not sure anyone really cares what you do for a job and the people who really care probably just want you to be happy. I guess I just need to re-tool the way I think about success in my own life. Right now, I am with my dogs and husband, we have a house, I have online work, I’ve volunteered more in the last two months doing stuff I like (photography and playing with dogs), and I’m applying for jobs but I want to find something that I’ll like doing everyday not just because the money is nice (although money is nice and I can buy things I want with it).


4. The importance of writing reviews for local businesses.  Before now, I never really thought about writing consistent reviews for local businesses (probably because I’ve generally been overseas), but now as someone who tries to advertise photography and dog sitting – I realise how important it is to write a review or recommend a small business when you have a good experience.  Especially in a military town where, people are generally always on the lookout for good businesses.  So, I did that today. *gives self a sticker*

5. Lastly, couponing is possibly the most gratifying thing. I swear.



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