There is an hourglass placed in front of me – 
I’d tell you it was God, but I’d prefer not to label fate.
I watch my life played on a table made of water.
The water ripples as the sand granules drip through the hourglass.
Each ripple is a bit of pain. A bit of time. A bit of loss. A bit of my life. 
I watch everything exist without me. 
Maybe, it’s better this way.
Pulling my fingers across the water, trying to erase everything I left behind. 
All these moments. Overflowing. 
All these people I loved. Gone.
They never tell you that love is conditional

They never tell you that as soon as you’re gone,
You disappear.
It’s all fleeting. 
Time sweeps her hand across my life – all that was clear is now covered in dust.
And I take this blessing – I don’t want these memories, anyway. 
I’ll watch the hourglass and forget my ghosts. 



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