Hope for Warriors

Hi friends!

I will be taking photos at (Photography by theanxiousbutt) the 7th Annual Hope for Warriors Run in New Bern, NC on June 30th. Hope for Warriors is a great organization that provides support combat-wounded veterans and their families in the form of education, medical treatment, recreation, and a lot of other cool services.

I’m strong believer that community and family (relational or otherwise) are important support systems when people face any kind of struggle and that’s what I like about Hope for Warriors.

As a result, I’ve started a fundraising page for this event/organization (all proceeds go directly to hope for warriors). If you are so inclined – you can donate at this link: https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/1459673

If you are unable to donate, that’s ok! I still like you!


5 thoughts on “Hope for Warriors

  1. Will you be posting the pictures here? It would be awesome to see them!


  2. Does this mean you will actually BE in NC for this event? Or are you somehow remotely posting from SA?


    1. I’ll actually be in NC 🙂 I’m moving later this month!


      1. MOVING to the States?! Are you looking forward to it, or will you miss your non-American abodes/architecture/friends too much?
        I lived in NC for entirely too much of my adolescence and adulthood, so I have no plans to return. People tell me it’s “beautiful”, though. Hopefully, you won’t hate it like I do. :/

        If you decide at any point to travel to Hollyweird, I can be your “tour guide” (to a degree).


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