Memento mori

I’m binge watching the show about the baudelaire family, Count Olaf, and Lemony Snicket. At one point they are at a boarding school and the motto is “memento mori.” Without looking it up, you might discern that it has something to do with memory and death (or at least I did which isn’t typical because I don’t always have an understanding of base latin words). It means “remember you will die.”

This has been floating around my mind for the last few days. No, not in a suicidal way. In spite of how shitty I feel sometimes, I know life is generally better than the alternative.

We all go through tough times. Sometimes the rough time comes from outside sources and sometimes it is within our mind. Pretty much no one like to be in pain (and if you look at the science, our minds can’t always distinguish the difference between emotional pain and physical pain).

But, goddamn, life can be full of heartbreak. In spite of that, I want to tell you all things are temporary. Happiness and despair are fleeting. And, sometimes, you just have to make it through the storm.

That’s it, but that doesn’t mean its easy. There will always be more problems, more trials, more tribulations, more unnecessary shit, but then there will be moments worth holding onto.

All things in life are temporary. Memento mori.


2 thoughts on “Memento mori

  1. I tried watching that show, but it was sooo mean-spirited–I don’t remember the books being that dark, but maybe I’m wrong. That being said, your message here is excellent and the pictures are beautiful!

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    1. It was a bit stressful, I agree. I liked the darkness but often watched it while I was doing something else to avoid getting overwhelmed

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