What it feels like

On good day, I can feel the wind and the light. The silence isn’t frightening and it feels like the world put on a hazy sepia filter just for me.

I walk around seeing everything as if it’s been dark for too long and old memories need to be updated like all those apps on my phone.

My chest doesn’t feel like I’m chained to a hundred mistakes – each made of granite. I can take that deep breath, again.

It’s just one flower, blooming in the midst of chaos. One segment of beauty that reminds me that living is worthwhile.

The moment will always be fleeting. Life is impermanent with the exception of the end. Even though I sit here, finally, feeling light in my pores – I can feel the darkness waiting in the distance.

And, that’s ok. I will always be followed by a few impervious demons. Ghosts from my past lives. All parts of myself have their purpose.


4 thoughts on “What it feels like

  1. “All parts of myself have their purpose”–that’s a beautiful way of putting it.

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    1. Thank you lady 🙂 I try to remember this

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  2. What if – and I don’t know any better than anyone else, because none of us “knows” – even The End of Life is impermanent? What if LIFE is the only thing that ISN’T impermanent, because the ends are actually all connected to the beginnings, like a spiritual Moebiüs strip?


    1. that’s an interesting way to look at it. i will think about this more


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