Taking chances

Apparently getting outside of my own personal comfort zone is…a positive, life-changing experience.  Or, that is what they tell me on the internet.

I’m not really sure I should always believe the internet.

So in the realm of “exploring the edge of my comfort zone” or, as I like to call it, “living in the perpetual state of wanting to vomit and sometimes hyperventilating in tiny corners,” I decided to up the ante with my pre-existing photography hobby by doing some sessions with people for free and, also inviting people I know on the book of faces (facebook, yes, I call it that) to “like” my page. And, I decided to all it “Photography by theanxiousbutt” instead of something more professional.  I guess if I’m going to be exploring this whole comfort zone thing – I’d rather be myself (weird and proud), than someone I am not.

You know, I think the whole facebook photography page part actually caused me more anxiety than taking photos of strangers.  How odd.

I decided to try to pursue a different course of action in June when we move to North Carolina.  I want to try and make this photography thing work.  It’s scary, but also kind of freeing.  I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket though, because failure is entirely possible (not to worry – I’ll be on rover.com trying to walk people’s dogs because dogs are life).  And, I think the idea putting myself out there to fail scares me more than anything.

So, here is what came out of me taking a risk.  The photos aren’t perfect and that’s ok, because I’m proud of myself and that is enough.


3 thoughts on “Taking chances

  1. Oh that little baby foot! I think you have a new career!

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  2. some really lovely shots. I’m a fan of candid portraiture vs. posed, but you’ve managed to capture some Really Lovely (posed) Shots!

    Where in NC are you moving to in June? I’ve lived in the Old Fort (“Foothills”), Charlotte (“Piedmont”), Raleigh/Durham (“Triangle”), and Thomasville/Winston-Salem (“Triad”) areas, and hated all but the Triangle, if I’m honest… I’m so grateful to have escaped to Los Angeles! If y’all are headed to Ft. Bragg-ish, then maybe you’ll be able to carve yourselves a little niche. Military towns aren’t so bad. They “get” it (the transient nature of life), at least.

    Good luck in your move, and Good Luck with the book of faces page! Keep up the amazing photography, and you shan’t need any luck! (You really are an amazing photographer, btw).


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