You know, despite my inherent penchant for being alone, I do actually try with people. And, I’m not really good at it because I’m awkward, but I give it my best.

Generally, I’ll take a lot of abuse. I am not sure if I always think they will be better or I’m just hopeful.

I guess I’m just hopeful because inside there is a little girl who started at a new school too many times and she just wanted someone to talk to her. And sometimes, no one would. So she would eat lunch with the teacher and pretend a 30 year old woman was her friend.

People can be both kind and cruel. People can surprise you and people can let you down.

But, I’m an adult now and I really don’t need to be around people who aren’t kind.

So, today I decided no more. I’m going to keep working on me and not worry about people who don’t bring any goodness into my life.


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