My psychosomatic malaria is acting up


I know I don’t have malaria. Its a very serious disease that is very painful.

*end caveat*

I’ve felt pretty awful since last Saturday. It feels like my body is revolting against me. Everything hurts and I’m tired all the time. My fitness tracker is like, “You’re down forty three percent. Do better.” I thought about going to the doctor, but here’s how this would go:

Me: I’m tired and every joint hurts

Doctor: any other symptoms

Me: umm..Everything hurts

Doctor: are you sure this isn’t symptomatic of your depression?

Me: my depression doesnt make my fingers swell up.

So I don’t go to the doctor. I feel like curling up in the bed and not getting up. I’m not really sure if it’s in my head or actually physical. I just keep hoping I feel better tomorrow.

This was supposed to be funnier than it was…


3 thoughts on “My psychosomatic malaria is acting up

  1. I’m having a week like that too–weird type of arthritis and connective tissue disorder are flaring. Hope things get better for you:-)

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  2. That convo was very possibly an exactish replica of every convo my mother had with her docs for, oh, I dunno, twentyish years? She had undiagnosed Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome from the time my sister was born until they finally had a diagnosis.

    This comment was supposed to be more supportive than it was…

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