Folding laundry

Things I fixate on while depressed:

1. Your eyebrows. Skeptical arches don’t make themselves (maybe).

2. Keeping your closet clean. I’m up to two weeks. Granted the drawers are a mess but everything is put away.

3. Folding laundry (a necessary evil for keeping your closet clean).

4. Online browsing for a marine corps birthday ball dress. Its sad how many hours I’ve spent on this. 

5. Contemplating my shoe collection. I have a minor addiction.

6. Trying to get at least 10000 steps a day and resorting to reading and walking to motivate myself. 

7. Fixating on wedding photos for several hours and then experiencing a facebook tag mania. 

8. Reading books in series too fast and finish 11 outlander books in three months without realizing you got to the last book then grieve that you have to live without the characters until the 12th book comes out.

9. Rewatch random parts of beauty and the beast several times. 

10. Worry about the shampoo you are using excessively and spend a weird amount of time in the hair care aisle of the store.

11. Name all of the stray dogs near the embassy. Develop relationships even though you can’t take any one of them home because you have two dogs.

12. Stay up late stalking family for photos and information for your massive family tree.


6 thoughts on “Folding laundry

  1. What a great list to distract the mind

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  2. Personal favorite: number 11

    When will you be blogging about said relationships? 😉

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  3. What’s a ‘marine corps birthday ball’ and what kind of dress do you where to something like that? Sounds cool.

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    1. Every year the marine corps celebrates their founding on november 10th and usually they have a birthday ball in november. I’ve gone with my now husband the last three years and because I live overseas and like sales I try to shop early. The marines have a special cake cutting ceremony and there is a party after. So a formal dress but the marines wear their fancy uniforms 🙂

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      1. Marines in uniform–nice!

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