So, how’s married life?

This is a rant

I feel like this question is similar to:

“So, how’s it feel to be one year older?”

Well, sir. I feel completely different compared to yesterday! It’s amazing! Things are so different! I’m so glad you asked. 

I’m sure I might feel different if above-mentioned marriage meant that I was in the same country as hot husband. Or same continent. 

But we aren’t. I’m patiently waiting for my name change paperwork and the final marriage certificate, so I can change things…like life insurance beneficiaries. Yea, that’s going to make me feel different.

I like being able to say husband. And I’m still shocked they let us get married. But my other half is still on the other side of a video screen.

And if anyone says, “well at least you have video chat.” Yes, thank you. I am keenly aware that the technological advances have helped me simulate normal relationship activities for two years. If I wanted to look at the bright side, I would have an hour ago when I was crying in my shower. 

You know what else gets me? All these dude who are like: 

So what’s your name now?

Bro. It has been a week. Do you know how much paperwork and shit you have to do to change your name? And, you are asking me about this while we are standing in Moldova.  So, really? 

Then my hot husband, he who I love and cherish says this:

“What’s so hard about deciding what to change your name?”

I don’t think hot husband really thought this question through. My internal response was:

“$:&/_)$$ it’s my name!”

Also, its a dickton of paperwork. And I feel like I always get stuck with the paperwork. Paperwork to get married. Paperwork to get a marriage license. Paperwork to change my name. 

Meanwhile, every dude I meet asks me how married life is or what my name is now. 

So, in answer to the question of the hour:

Its a pain in the ass. 

The end. 


1 thought on “So, how’s married life?

  1. I changed my name with first husband. We were in the states, in the same state, city, house even… and the name-changing process was a complete pain in the ass.

    When I divorced him, I did not take my maiden name back. When I married current husband, I did not change my last name again. Legally, I still have first husband’s last name. Who gives a shit? It ISN’T “my” name… I’m “known” to all as “emelle”, which is the name I gave myself when I got into the showbiz industry. If I ever go through the process of legal name-changing again, it’ll be to eliminate all that “legal name” bullshit and become the persona I have already become.

    Meaning, I ain’t gonna bother with that. If it’s at all possible to stop the process of your name change, I highly recommend keeping the name you were given at birth. If it’s not possible, well, then, hang in there. Once it’s done and you have all of the “correct” paperwork in your hands, then you’ll never deal with it again. So hang in there.

    Your married life is probably very, very different from mine. I won’t bore you with my details. I’m happy that you’re happy, even in your distance. It IS nice to be able to refer to Mr. Hotness as “husband” vs. “fiancee”. 🙂


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