It’s amazing the things you learn by avoiding people

Last time I went to the hair dresser my boobs got groped and I was called baby alot. Hot fiance is not a hairdresser btw.

I’ve been vaguely avoiding going but my vanity is not such that my hair won’t annoy me when the color doesn’t match. 

So, today I decided to deal with my hair in the privacy of my own bathroom clad in sweatpants and sports bra. First, I took to cutting the ends of my hair because they haven’t been dealt with since like October. In case you haven’t tried it, cutting your hair can be quite cathartic. Armed with my basting brush, which I will not be using for basting ever, a toothbrush, a comb, and memories of dying my mother’s hair at 15 – I started dying away. Quite the acrobatic experience, I must say. 

It hasn’t dried yet, so it’s possible I will reopen the possibility of the handsy Turk, but maybe it looks ok. Plus in two months I go to America and I can pay someone not to give me a sexual massage and fix my hair.
Everyone wins.

Update: it doesn’t look bad at all

Also, cocoa butter does magical things like take makeup off and get rid of dye stains.

Given the title of this post, I feel compelled to list the things I have done in my mission to avoid others:

1. Figured out how to plan a wedding with the least amount of human contact possible. Email is great.  

2. Watched makeup tutorials for months in order to do my own without looking cray

3. Sat on a fence stuck in a chain link by my underwear and refused help because I was embarrassed and wanted to be left alone.

4. Cured myself of rando skin problems overseas. 

5. Repaired furniture that was damaged by a dog. To no end, but not bad as learning experiences go. 

6. How to put together furniture I shipped from Amazon and ikea alone and the trusty help of YouTube.

7. How to invest money (with advice from my mom but I dont think she counts).


8 thoughts on “It’s amazing the things you learn by avoiding people

  1. Your methods for avoiding people are brilliant, but I’m not sure what your mom would think about not counting as “people”.

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    1. I think she’d be okay with it… because the point is to avoid strangers, or gropers, or other “people” you WANT to avoid. The fact that Mom is not on the list of “people to avoid” is a GOOD thing, then, for all parties. 🙂

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  2. I’m still stuck on you being groped by your hairdresser! I’ve tried cutting and/or dying my own hair but it never works out, so kudos to you!


    1. It helps to have a mirror placed high and aiming downward, opposite the regular bathroom mirror. For the longest time, I had one of those cheap “full length” mirrors wedged into the ceiling space behind my towel bar, which was opposite my medicine cabinet. Totally worked. Now I have a lovely oval on spinners (for lack of the better word, which is what those angle-adjusters are actually called but I can’t think of it right now), behind my bathroom door, which has to be closed to use the oval, but it’s opposite the big mirror at the sink, so it works, right?

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      1. Now I just have to develop the coordination and fine motor skills for success! Might be a while…:-)

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      2. yeah, there is that mirror-brain thing you have to turn on… that takes some practice. But you’ll get it! 🙂

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  3. I’m a Depressed Extrovert, not an Anxious Introvert, so I am only able to say “Kudos! On taking care of yourself”… because, I think I’d only be avoiding Gropey McGroperson


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