A Story of Caution

I was around 16 years old living in Connecticut. I didn’t have many friends so I spent a lot of my time at the library or with my sister. I felt creative one day and decided to do some constructive editing of my clothes. I’ve always been rather round so at 16 I was probably pudgy with braces and I probably was cutting my own hair. 

Anyway, I think this shirt ended up as a crop top and shorts that were probably a little short. I was walking with my sister down the street and there were a group of boys playing basketball. 

As we were walking away, they were yelling at me because apparently I was fat and gross. I remember being hurt, but I must have found an alternate way home so I didn’t feel humiliated again. 

I think everyone has stories of being called names or feeling out of place or feeling just plain hideous. 

So, here is my life lesson. 

People are cruel and the world is cruel. Don’t add meanness to it, just because you feel entitled to it. You don’t need to go out into life and tell everyone what they are doing wrong. You don’t need to go out into life and tell a person they look fat. You don’t need to go out into life and tell someone their life’s work is meaningless. You don’t need to go out in life and ruin the cashier’s day by yelling at them. You don’t need to point out to the quiet person that they are such a loser.  

You don’t need to put that badness in the world. You may be able to forget all these things but the person you did this to might be sitting in their car 14 years later thinking about it. 


5 thoughts on “A Story of Caution

  1. Woof. And by that, I’m not barking at you, it’s sort of an exhalation of regret? I’m sorry that happened to you. I remember not liking bathing much in junior high, and getting picked on for having greasy hair (someone sang a cleaning product jingle at me on the bus, in front of everyone, where I had no escape).

    Your admonishment is somehow spot-on, to EVERYONE, without feeling like nagging or anything even remotely negative. How’d you do that? (I can be a bitchy nag, very easily).


    1. I’m sorry that happened. 😦 I’m not sure how I did it a lot of thinking


  2. What a wonderful life lesson. I wish more people would take it to heart. I really enjoy your writing, by the way.


  3. You’re preaching to the choir here–I never understood why people would try to make themselves feel better by belittling others. Thanks for sharing:-)

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